One of Transit project core activities is developing internships for international trainees, who visit a business related to energy transition to learn and discover weaknesses and strengths.

Based on the principle of “learning by doing”, the participant’s experience during the two-week visit to the host company allow them to learn first-hand about the real challenges of the renewable energy industry in terms of best practices, needs, and expectations. The experience gained can be then transferred to multidisciplinary education and training programs.

The first two internships finished recently

Vasko, from North Macedonia, had the opportunity to visit  Wise Wire – Energy Solutions, a young business focused in intelligent power grid and smart homes based in Cyprus. There, he had the opportunity to know a innovative company in a challenging work environment. According to Vasko, the  “internship provided valuable insights into the real-world challenges and the    extensive resources necessary to effectively work in this sector. It
was an    enriching experience that expanded my understanding of the practical aspects    of sustainability and renewable energy systems

During my internship, I encountered several    surprises related to the topics mentioned above. Firstly, I was surprised by    the significant number of real-time problems that were solved on a    day-to-day basis. The energy management sector proved to be dynamic and fast-paced,    requiring quick thinking and problem-solving skills to address various    challenges. It was eye-opening to witness the range of issues that arise in    the field and observe how the team efficiently tackled them.

Vasko, Transit intern at Wise Wire – Energy

The second intern, Ivan, from Montenegro, discovered EVN, a power distribution and supply company in North Macedonia. He visisted a great variety of departments and business units, having the opportunity to attend to trainings and hands-on experiences, as well as laboratories and real electrical instalations.

After the weeks in EVN installations Ivan told us he would have liked to stay there for a couple more months!

 The training was very useful. I was  positively surprised by the new technologies and innovations used in EVN. I was also particularly surprised by  the openness of the collective to show me everything that interests me even  beyond the scope of this training. I was also particularly impressed by the  engineers from the Procurement & Material Management sector who strive to  follow all world trends and work according to the best standards.

Ivan, Transit intern at EVN

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